A London Supper Club Serving West African Food

Welcome to Jason’s Little Kitchen, a West African supper club based in London, which plans to bring and share authentic homemade West African dishes using organic and locally sourced ingredients.

We would love for you to come and join us for a fun and enjoyable supper club experience.

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About Me

Born to Ghanaian parents I was surrounded by Ghanaian food. This is something I have grown up loving while also sharing this love of mine with my family and friends. While my Mum would cook in our family kitchen the aromas would travel through my house which would make me impatient to taste and eat the meals, and I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on Mum’s cooking. The love I have for Ghanaian food as a young boy only grew as I got older. My Mum’s tasteful cooking made me develop a love and passion for food. I was curious and inquisitive as to how my Mum prepared and created such tasty meals and this curiosity led to me exploring original West African ingredients whilst helping my Mum to prepare our family meals.

Every now and again I would add my own little twist to her recipes. Whether it be using different seasoning in her jollof rice or adding different vegetables to her stew. I would always experiment with new flavours and improve on the previous meal. My goal has always been to create different and interesting tastes which I have not experienced before. In doing this, my food which I have created has always had a very warm reception from my friends and family members who have tasted my creations.

The aroma and taste from my mum’s cooking is what first got me interested in West African cuisine. I was confused that something so tasty was not widely available to the public. These dishes were only available to me if they were cooked at home.

The traditional significance behind every dish provided a unique identity, for which we can all be a part of. From the freshest ingredients to the rawest of smells, the variety of West African dishes takes you on a journey back to our roots, which is another reason why I fell in love with West African food.

I would soon take over the kitchen and retire my mum from cooking. When it was time for me to get busy in the kitchen I would name it ‘Jason’s Little Kitchen’ and it is a name that has stuck with me and my family ever since.

So using the classic recipes passed down to me from my mum, I would always add my own twist to the dishes. I want to share West African cuisine with the rest of the world so that people can get a taste of the finest mouth watering meals that I grew up on and fell in love with.


supper club london

A supperclub is a social gathering event, much like a dinner party. Friends, family and people who all have a love for food join together to experience new tastes and flavours in an exclusive setting. Supper clubs are all about meeting new people and discovering new foods at the same time. Unlike restaurants, supperclubs run for a limited time which is what makes them unique and a must try!

I decided to start a supper club as I wanted people from all walks of life to come together and enjoy West African food whilst being surrounded by a sociable and vibrant atmosphere.

Although it is my dream to one day own a West African restaurant, I still want to share the taste of quality West African food. So with each event we will be bringing something new and fresh, while sticking to our West African roots. I hope you will join us and live this tasteful experience with us and let the food bring us all together.


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I am fanatical about choosing the best fresh produce to bring out the fantastic flavours used to create our African dishes. All our suppliers are hand picked, and our vegetables are all organic where possible provided by British farmers. Other countries that provide quality produce are not excluded as we use trusted suppliers from round the world to provide us with produce that is not in season as the dishes we create are incorporated from all over the West African region.


I only use butchers who source there meat from farms using the purest and most ethical farming techniques. Whether it is chicken or beef, I always make sure I purchase meat that is grass fed, free from growth promoters and hormones.

Animal welfare is something that is also important to me as I believe stress free animals living in the best conditions end up producing the best tastes and texture. Therefore the meats I use come from farms which enforce the highest standard of animal care. As well as animals living in a rome free environment, the farms have to be very attentive to the animals from the day they are born to make sure that the animals are living a healthy life.


Supper Club Events

Date: Saturday 12th August 2017

Time: 7pm – 10pm

Address: London Cooking Project, 1 Ethelburga Street, London, SW11 4AG

Price: £37.50 (BYOB Bring Your Own Bottle)

Join Us For Our Seasonal 3 Course Meal

– 1st Course –


This beautiful salad dish consist of
Red Amaranth, Peaches, Strawberries, Watercress, Red Onion & Cherry Tomatoes.

– 2nd Course –


Basmati rice slowly cooked through a tomato stew mixed with red & yellow peppers, bay leaves and onions

– 3rd Course –


A Sweet Mango sorbet and a creamy delicate Avocado sorbet served with freshly cut Watermelon bedded on biscuit crumble for a extra smooth crunch.




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“Food, Music & Visual Aesthetic are the three elements that make up Jason’s Little Kitchen”Jason